Spring Cleaning, Summer Organizing

With "Spring Cleaning" checked off of the list (or not, we won't judge), we think this coming season is the perfect time to transition into "Summer Organizing." It may not have quite the same ring to it, but it sounds pretty exciting to us.

For most of us, summer brings with it a big shift in work and family life. With the kids home from school, beach days, and more hours of sunlight-- our schedules change, foot traffic in and out of the house picks up, and so does the clutter and messes. We'd like to help you prepare for this busy season by sharing a few of our favorite organizing tips to inspire your "Summer Organizing."

1) One in, one out.

This is a rule of thumb you've probably heard before. But it can't be said or done much better than this. When you purchase a new shirt, or 5-- donate an old shirt, or 5. For every item that comes in, take a few minutes to take out an equal amount. We won't tell if you give away just 4 shirts. But this concept is truly fundamental to staying organized life-long.

This principle is even more crucial if you have small kids... and a LOT of plastic crap. We all know kids don't need 800 toys, they play with 3 toys and a box.

My daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday this weekend. She received some pretty great gifts, but while they were unwrapped I couldn't help but wonder where we'd put all of it. After all the guests left and the tired birthday girl went down for a nap, I grabbed my mimosa and headed up to the playroom with a trash bag. Out with the old, and in with the new.

Keeping on top of kid clutter is important, and actually fosters better imaginative play. Rather than a thousand mixed up pieces of toys stashed everywhere, they can focus on learning and playing with one thing at a time.

2) A donation box

We are not lying when we say that the #1 thing preventing most people from staying on top of clutter, is not having a donation box.

We keep a "donate" box in most rooms of our house. Then, when we hang up a new shirt, it takes 2 seconds to drop an old one in the box. Once the boxes are full, we toss everything in the car to drop off at a donation center. We could go on (and on, and on) about all the ways having a box helps with clutter control, but we'll let you find out for yourself. Seriously, get a box. Thank us later.

Some pretty hand-lettering and washi tape never hurts.  This is the box I keep in my closet.  Mostly for shoes, my weakness!

3) Put together a "beach and boat go-tote."

For those of us with small kids, it's easy to feel spent before ever stepping foot out the door for a playdate. Grabbing all the things the kids need, and herding children out the door is no easy task. One way to make beach days and play days less stressful is to put together a "go-tote."

You may already have a bag for day to day outings, but we don't recommend switching outdoor play gear in and out with everyday necessities. Designate a separate tote just for summer outdoor/beach/pool days. Sunscreen, sunhats, water bottles/snacks, a change of clothes for each child, bluetooth speaker (we won't tell if a little wine cooler finds its way in there ;). You get the idea. Gather your stuff, and store your tote next to where you keep beach towels if possible. Grab, go, enjoy!

Next week- lets chat some more about making your space look pretty. Organize first, then style.

Enjoy some good summer vibes, and a little dose of organization this season. See you soon!


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